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Interested in signing up for a 2012 CSA share?

There are 2 ways to sign up this year

The regular, old way:   download the contract. Print, fill it out, and mail it in along with your payment.


The fancy, new way:  click HERE to be directed to our new on-line sign up page.  Fill out the info, then send in your payment. Easy!


What’s a worker share? A wonderful thing! We ask you to come and work on the farm for 4 hours during harvest day for the full season in exchange for a full share. It’s a really good time!  If you are interested please let us know ASAP as there are limited worker shares available!

With our fancy, new on-line sign up we’ll also be able to offer you weekly add-ons to your CSA share.  Need some extra parsley for that tabouleh you’re making for your party? Easy! Just click on the the item to add it to your box. Gotta get a bouquet for your significant other? Done! It will arrive Wednesday with your share. Dirty? Maybe we’ll make you some soap with herbs from our farm. Click away, and in your box it goes!

Weekly add-ons will be able to be paid conveniently with paypal.  Now, you may be asking why we are not offering the paypal option for purchasing a share.  To answer your question honestly, we found the fees for larger purchases to be outrageous – we can’t afford to pay that much and we don’t want to pass that on to you either.  For smaller purchases, the fee is much more resonable, plus it is much more conveinient.

What do you get in a box?
Please take a look at the slideshow below to see pictures of boxes from the 2011 growing season.  There are pictures of both the Foragers’ Bounty Full (our largest and most diverse share option), as well as the Main Season Delight Half share (our smallest and least diverse option). See copies of every newsletter below, as well, that describes everything our members received.

As always, please contact us with any questions.


Here’s what some of our members had to say about past seasons and our partnering with a hunger relief agency (CAC of SW Wisconsin)…

“We had a wonderful experience, access to local produce for ourselves is great but providing access to those without makes this program doubly wonderful.”

“It made me feel a lot better once I realized that all those vegetables were going to a good place.”

“As someone who has never picked vegetables before, I found the experience (aside from our search for blackberries, in which we got mauled by mosquitoes) to be extremely pleasant.” 

“What a great contribution to the people around Madison, very satisfactory!”

“I think it is a wonderful idea.  As a member I am happy to participate.”

“It makes me feel wonderful and proud!” 

CSA drop-off/pick up sites
We have established four pick up sites for 2011, where folks can pick up their weekly CSA boxes, delivered every Wednesday during the growing season. When becoming a BHF CSA member, please designate one of these sites as your pick-up site, and your box will be delivered here weekly for your convenience. Please click on each marker in the map below to see specific address and pick up hours for each site. If you don’t see a pick-up site that is close to you, please let us know.  We may able to accommodate you with a pick up site closer to your location.

2011 Newsletters


Below you’ll find links to each of the newsletters that came in each week’s box.  You’ll find a detailed description of each item included, as well as recipes on the second page. For non-members, these newsletters are a great “sneak-peek” at examples of what you get when you sign up for a share. Enjoy!
Early Greens and Sprouts Newsletter 4/20


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