Our Farmhouse

Birch house farm is a website for a place that exists only in our minds.  We’re not sure if this place exists or not, but my wife had a vivid dream about it.  In the dream, we were older than we are now.  Our toddler was a teenager.  We had a cow named “Betsy”.  We were semi-self-sufficient.  We grew crops, and we milked our cow for dairy.

The house itself was described in excruciating detail in my wife’s diary after the dream which I will detail here in additional blog posts, but key to the description was that it was surrounded in front by “trees with white bark” — She didn’t even know the name of the tree type.  I showed here several pictures of common white-barked trees until we landed on the fact that the most likely candidate was the birch tree.

She had nothing to offer us as far as what state it’s located in even, but since we are into self-actualizing I asked her to write down all of the details so we could be on the lookout for our farm house 🙂

Like I said, more details to follow…

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